Now available from Duplex Cleaning Machines , the new Dupla 500 is a fast and effective floor cleaning machine, designed to scrub, wash and dry floors in a single pass.

At only 380mm in height and 500mm in width the Dupla 500 is a highly manoeuvrable and simple to operate floor cleaning machine; and thanks to it's articulated handle the Dupla 500 is compact for storage of transportation.

The versatility of it's cylindrical brush design makes the Dupla 500 floor cleaning machine suitable for cleaning all types of floors. From tile, vinyl and  carpet to flotex, timber and stone, the Dupla 500 provides a deeper, dryer clean clean than traditional cleaning equipment, with a 100% saving on chemicals. The Dupla 500 is also up to seven times faster than traditional cleaning methods, able to mop an area of 400m² in just over 15 minutes.

Key features of the Dupla 500 floor cleaning machine include:

  • 500mm cleaning path
  • quad cylindrical brush design
  • 18L water/detergent tank
  • dual squeegee vacuum pick up
  • 13L recovery tank
  • easy brush release and replacement
  • ergonomic handle controls
  • front squeegee adjuster
  • dual vacuum squeegees; and
  • ultra compact portability.
The Dupla 500 floor cleaning machine can be used to disinfect, wash, vacuum, and revitalise both indoor and outdoor floors in a range of areas, includng:
  • swimming centres
  • basketball courts and halls
  • food processing facilities; and
  • engineering and mechanical plants.