Duplex Cleaning Machines customer in Sydney recently purchased a JetVac Professional steam vacuum with a chewing gum remover attachment. The customer, Jim, purchased the steam cleaning equipment after an enquiry was made by a local Hungry Jacks that had a problem with chewing gum litter on their premises. The chewing gum problem was outside the store at the entry and drive thru, inside the store and especially under tables.

Jim had seen the effectiveness of the JetVac commercial steam vacuum in a previous demonstration and thought it could be a good opportunity to make some money; especially with the efficiency of the JetVac Professional being able to theoretically remove up to 400 pieces of chewing gum per hour from both hard floors and carpets. Also, the JetVac Professional steam vacuum would enable cleaning of just about anything from floors, upholstery, urinals, kitchens, bathrooms, and car interiors.

After being trained by Duplex Cleaning Machines in the correct operation of the JetVac Professional steam vacuum and chewing gum remover, Jim visited Hungry Jacks with confidence. In just 2 hours Jim and his new JetVac Professional steam vacuum were able to remove just about every piece of visible chewing gum from within the store, the store entry and also the drive thru.

The owner of the Hungry Jacks store was so impressed with the result that Jim was recommended to three other local Hungry Jacks franchises and a Lonestar Steak House. In fact, since purchasing his JetVac Professional steam vacuum with chewing gum remover products, Jim has actually been back to all these outlets and many others including schools, night clubs and cinemas on multiple occasions.

This just goes to show that starting a successful cleaning business can be fairly simple providing a good market with demand is targeted and the right equipment is utilised.

Duplex Cleaning Machines have a large and versatile range of floor scrubbers, carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, steam vacuums, steam mops, high filtration vacuums and even escalator cleaners.

Those looking to start a cleaning business can contact Duplex Cleaning Machines and see how Duplex products could aid the business.