The wide range of commercial steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners, available from Duplex Cleaning Machines , can reduce cleaning time, physical effort, OH&S concerns and water/chemical consumption.

The steam cleaners can shave hours off the cleaning process compared with traditional methods.

For instance, Duplex Cleaning Machines’ Thermoglide Steam Mop is used by over 1000 commercial customers in Australia daily to halve floor cleaning times alone.

In addition a Thermoglide also saves over 90% water, eliminates chemical use and improves OH&S by reducing strain injuries.

Duplex steam cleaners produce good chemical free results on almost any surface. If using a steam vacuum system, not only are surfaces cleaned but they are also left film free and dry.

Given the versatility of steam, Duplex steam cleaners can be used to clean bathrooms, kitchens, floors, walls, ceilings, equipment, ovens, upholstery, chewing gum and a whole lot more with a whole lot less.

The Jetsteam and Jetvac range of steam cleaners available from Duplex Cleaning Machines are all commercial-grade products manufactured in Italy by Tecnovap SRL.

Tecnovap have been producing fine steam generators for over 30 years and boasts many patents as well as the world’s largest steam product range.

At the heart of all Tecnovap steam cleaners is a strong stainless steel AISI304 boiler. These boilers are TIG welded and tested up to 70 BAR pressure.

Tecnovap steamers also feature interchangeable high efficiency 28W/cm² heating elements. This high efficiency actually allows most models to heat up from cold in less than 4 minutes, dramatically reducing set up times.

The Tecnovap range stocked by Duplex Cleaning Machines in Australia can cater from the domestic or small commercial right through to heavy industrial steam cleaning requirements.