Duplex Cleaning Machines understands that post sales support is important. For this reason, Duplex has remained a relatively small scaled Australia wide operation that still provides a personalised service by people who understand the product. Duplex Cleaning Machines offer one-on-one training, after sales support, training videos, maintenance posters, equipment servicing and nationwide repairs to all customers on all scrubbers, steam machines and vacuums.

Specialising in floor scrubbers, steam generators, steam vacuums and wet/dry vacuums Duplex Cleaning Machines has a strong customer service history in its 17 years of operation. Now the company is going one step further and assisting certain flooring companies in providing after sales cleaning and maintenance solutions for various flooring products.

To assist Duplex Cleaning Machines has produced flooring maintenance posters and invested in customer training seminars. These provide usual information, manual cleaning solutions and product recommendations for difference surfaces such as carpet or hard floors.

For instance:

  • Mopping tiles, vinyls and safety floors actually spreads dirt and grime – The ideal solution is a scrubber such as a floor scrubber that lifts dirt
  • Regular vacuuming will not work on vinyl backed waterproof carpets as the solid base prevents complete suction – Instead agitation is needed in the form of a motorised head such as a Fast Vac
  • Duplex steam products are more effective than chemicals in dissolving grease and destroying bacteria.