Carpet is the most popular flooring solution on the market due to its aesthetic, performance properties and environmental benefits. When choosing and installing a carpet, what goes underneath is one of the most important decisions. A quality underlay will optimise the advantages provided by installing carpet and ensure the design looks new for longer.

A new whitepaper has recently been released, sponsored by flooring solutions experts Dunlop Flooring, which explores the hidden value of carpet underlay and examines the different options available on the market.

The hidden value of carpet underlay examines why carpet is a valuable floor covering solution because of a variety of its beneficial characteristics. However, many of those characteristics depend on a high quality underlay for longevity. The paper goes into depth about how underlay prolongs – and in some instances, improves – the qualities of a carpet, before expanding further into the benefits that underlay provides in its own right.

The whitepaper offers further information about the different types of underlay available, and how different grades and qualities will affect the final performance of the product. While underlay can be made using a number of different materials and techniques, not all are created equal.

The whitepaper is free to download and comes with additional information on Dunlop Flooring’s own range of carpet underlay solutions.

To find out more about The hidden value of carpet underlay, download the whitepaper here