Dunlop Flooring introduces a new foam carpet underlay designed for excellent sound insulation in multi-level buildings.

Noise can become a problem in multi-level living, be it a townhouse, apartment or two-storey home, with the sound of footsteps, moving furniture or falling items escaping through the walls or floors and causing annoyance to neighbours. 

Dunlop Flooring has developed the new AcoustiCushion, their thickest foam carpet underlay yet to provide excellent sound insulation with the added benefits of making carpet more comfortable and helping maintain its appearance. 

Sound can build up within a room due to multiple reflections from hard surfaces, making everyday environments such as open plan offices, homes and schools noisy, and acoustically unpleasant. Installing the Dunlop AcoustiCushion foam underlay with the carpet is an excellent way to control reverberation in the home. 

The AcoustiCushion underlay incorporates millions of tiny air pockets that trap and absorb sound. Air being the best-known thermal and acoustic insulator in existence, the more air pockets in the underlay, the better the sound insulation for the room. 

AcoustiCushion actually decreases noise impact through floors and ceilings by up to 68%, which easily surpasses the industry standard set by the Building Code of Australia.

Being an effective thermal insulator, AcoustiCushion also keeps homes warmer, reducing heating bills. Additionally, it helps extend the life of the carpet.