As the lines between commercial and residential design blur, the popularity of carpet in commercial environments is increasing. While this has opened up a breadth of design possibilities in terms of colour, pattern, and texture in commercial spaces, it presents a unique set of challenges. Now, designers must take a number of factors into account when specifying carpet for commercial environments.

With their new whitepaper, Beneath the Surface: The Need for Heavy Duty Underlays for Commercial Flooring, carpet and soft flooring specialists Dunlop Flooring explore the benefits of underlay for commercial carpets.

The whitepaper begins by exploring the major performance requirements of carpet in commercial contexts: ability to withstand wear and tear, comfort, noise management, and contribution to overall indoor air quality. Following this, the whitepaper sets out the specific benefits of carpet with regard to each of these requirements, highlighting their ability to significantly enhance the performance of carpet in high traffic applications.  

For over 45 years, Dunlop Flooring has led the Australian market in flooring solutions. Renowned for their high quality foam carpet underlays, Dunlop Flooring is committed to enhancing carpet and timber floors in residential and commercial contexts alike. All Dunlop underlays are engineered to enhance the performance of commercial carpets and are fully compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.

To learn how carpet underlay meets the growing demand for durability, comfort, acoustic management, and indoor air quality, download Beneath the Surface: The Need for Heavy Duty Underlays for Commercial Flooring.