Dunlop Flooring  is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of carpet cushion and flooring adhesives for commercial, specialist and residential markets.

Dunlop Flooring’s market position as an innovator in re-bonded polyurethane carpet cushion is supported by its environmentally responsible manufacturing and recycling programmes and innovation designed to increase productivity and cost efficiency.

Dunlop carpet cushion

Dunlop carpet cushion adds comfort, resilience and longevity to carpets installed in a wide range of applications, from high-traffic areas to residential environments.

Modern projects increasingly demand a high level of sound and heat insulation, which Dunlop carpet cushion provides, along with the benefits of Ultra-Fresh, an anti-microbial providing long term control of mould, mildew and harmful bacteria.

Manufactured from 90% post-consumer and post-industrial waste, Dunlop carpet cushion is itself 100% recyclable and able to be reclaimed and remanufactured into a new product.

Dunlop Flooring’s commitment to sustainability also extends to promoting healthy indoor environments, with its carpet cushion achieving CRI Green Label accreditation from the Carpet and Rug Institute in the USA.

The CRI Green Label identifies carpet cushions that promote high indoor air quality, by demanding that they meet strict criteria on volatile organic compound emissions. Dunlop is the only Australian carpet cushion manufacturer to have achieved this accreditation, which the Green Building Council of Australia has set as the benchmark to meet its Green Star criteria for building interiors.

Dunlop Firebrake IMO carpet cushion

Dunlop Flooring’s diligence in creating an environmentally sound product is also mirrored in its dedication to facilitating safe internal environments. In line with this, Dunlop Flooring has introduced a carpet cushion, which meets all the international safety standards required for commercial marine applications.

Specifically, rigorous safety standards apply to the flammability of floor coverings, and Dunlop Flooring’s new Firebrake has been manufactured with this in mind. The Firebrake IMO carpet cushion meets the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) stringent requirements for flammability, smoke and toxicity and the EU Council Directive 96/98/EC for primary deck coverings.

Following successful test results at the accredited Det Norske Veritas testing facility, and IMO certification, Dunlop Firebrake is enabled to bear the signature wheel mark symbol, mandatory for all products installed on marine applications.