Dickson’s Sunworker fabrics which have been designed to help shield out the suns harmful rays are finding a strong following from corporate and individual clients alike.

Arienne Gorlach, Marketing Manager from Issey Sun Shade Systems who design, manufacture and install Sun Shade solutions says, “Many clients are amazed at the visibility of the Sunworker fabric especially with the darker colours.”

Clients also like the balance between solar protection and visibility. The Sunworker fabric suits east and west facing applications; where strong morning and afternoon sun can be tamed to minimise heat, glare and damaging UV rays entering the protected area.

Sunworker fabric’s features include an exceptional rolling performance, combined with strong dimensional stability and low stretch which makes it suitable for retractable shading systems. Its light weight (350 gsm) offers greater flexibility without affecting its resistance to difficult weather conditions and mechanical strain. The satiny and smooth finish reduces dirt markings and facilitates cleaning.

Sunworker fabric offers high UV thermal and visual insulation both in summer and winter. Its level of efficiency can be measured using the sun factor: the lower the factor, the more optimal the comfort.

All the Sunworker fabrics are fire retardant, and are available in a selected colour range in 3m wide, as well as 25 colours in 1.5m wide