Dickson  has developed two new fabric ranges designed for easy maintenance and safety of awnings in modern business environments.
Awning fabric is often put to the test on restaurant terraces and building facades with airborne pollution, tobacco smoke and other sources of contaminants a constant problem in an urban environment. Awnings are also at risk of fire from candles and heaters on open terraces.
Comprising of a self-cleaning awning fabric and a fire-resistant awning fabric, the new fabric ranges are packed with the latest textile innovations to offer an effective solution for today’s business and home.
Orchestra Max self cleaning awning fabrics

A multipurpose fabric suited for permanent installations constantly exposed to pollution and Australia’s harsh weather extremes, Orchestra Max awning fabric is designed for shops, hotels and restaurants as well as demanding homeowners.
Orchestra Max is a self-cleaning fabric inspired by the unique characteristics of the lotus leaf, which remains clean and dry despite its wet, muddy surroundings. This awning fabric range is pre-coated with a special treatment called Permaclean that makes water bead right off the surface taking dirt along with it before it has a chance to settle in.
Maintenance involves simply spraying down the fabric with water to keep the awning looking clean and at its best. The water-repelling, anti-UV fabric is also waterproof, allowing its use on outdoor terraces all year long as it blocks out heat, protects against rain and keeps temperatures down.
Alto-FR fire resistant awning fabrics

Alto-FR awning fabric is a unique solution dyed polyester awning fabric with in-built fire resistance that guarantees maximum safety for users and complies with Australian Standard AS/ NZS 1530.3-1999.
Hospitality business owners have to deal with several dangers caused by candles and gas or electric heaters on terraces. The Alto-FR fabric is made with fibres that resist burning right down to the core, ensuring maximum safety to customers in environments such as cafés, restaurants, hotels and even hospitals.
Alto-FR awning fabric additionally comes with smart looks as well as a water resistant coating. Available in a range of 11 highly contemporary solid shades, Alto-FR is designed to fit seamlessly with modern awnings while giving protection.