Decor Classics reports that the furniture item in biggest demand over the spring and pre-Christmas season was the papasan cane chair – both the single cushioned papasan and the double cushioned papasan (sometimes called the mamasan chair).

The origins of the papasan chair are vague, but it is believed to have originated in Japan. The cushioned papasan chairs are very popular in the United States of America, and are now becoming more popular in Australia.

The papasan chairs available from Décor Classics are made using manau cane which is a much heavier and denser cane than the cane normally used in the making of these chairs.

For additional strength, Décor Classic’s factory manufactures the saucer for the papasan cushion with circular cane dowels only 5cm apart and all joins are covered with leather bindings. The chair’s cushion covers are in a heavy white/cream cotton fabric, and the filling used is crumbed foam.

There are many lighter weight papasan chair varieties on the market. However, consumers should check the strength and the stability of the framework and, in particular, the width of the cane dowels in the saucer part of the chair. The further apart the cane dowels, the less weight the papasan chair will support. Also, the consumer should check the quality of the fabric, the type of filling and the thickness of the cushion provided with the papasan chair.