In a few weeks, Decor Classics is expecting a further shipment of “manau” cane furniture from its Malaysian factory.

As a result of listening to their customers, Décor Classics has bowed to public pressure and demand, and has included the following in this shipment:-

1) “Grace” – Criss Cross Three Seater settings

The “Grace” – Criss design previously was only available in a Two (2) Seater setting as featured in photo, but because of the popularity of this design (mainly to its smaller dimensions), Décor Classics has had their factory manufacture of the larger three seater to be included in available settings.

2) Hanging Chairs

Both the”Lattice” and the “Calimus” hanging chairs have been slightly modified to improve comfort.

3) Double Papasans (Mamasans) and Single Papasans

Again, Décor Classics has listened to public opinion and now is having their papasans cushioned in a Dark Brown Fabric as well as their original White/Cream Fabric. Also the cane for the papasans in this shipment has been stained in their “Yellow” colour.

4) Honeymoon Settings or Tea For Two Suites

The “Lattice” honeymoon settings will also be arriving in a few weeks time. Available in stain colours of “Light Walnut” and “Natural”. Customers have choice of Fabric for the Cushions in these settings.