Databuild  is a software company specialised in providing various software solutions for estimation, project management and accounting services. These software solutions provided by Databuild are suitable for building and construction industry. Databuild has been providing software solutions since 1975.

Databuild for windows provided by Databuild has been considered to be the comprehensive software system for building and construction industry. Various software solutions offered by Databuild incorporate quoting, ordering, contact management, scheduling, document control, estimating, reporting, accounting and E-commerce solutions.

Databuild software offered by Databuild does not require transfer of data, copying, pasting and even re entry. This software comprises of modules which provides estimates, quotations, specifications, contracts, purchase orders, job costing and invoice approvals. If any data has to be changed in this software, it requires changing at one specific place after which data gets automatically changed everywhere.

Job control module offered by Databuild is considered to be an add on application which works in combination with Databuild for windows. This specific module enable the users to monitor jobs closely and also keep a track of the financial as well as physical resources. Front end module enables to increase sales with reduction of quotation time.