Databuild  provides different modules to be used with Databuild for windows software. These modules can be considered as an add on application that enables smooth functioning of Databuild for windows software. Job control module offered by Databuild helps to monitor as well as predict the specific job progress and also keeps a check on financial and physical resources of the customer. Some of the features of job control module include automatic mapping of actual progress against specific target, creating instant colour job progress charts, preparation of instant resource usage reports, formatting cash flow reports and also sends SMS messages to the supervisors and contractors. Job control module functions by creating templates for different constructions process.

Front end module is a powerful estimating system provided by Databuild. This works in conjunction with Databuild for windows thereby allowing simple transfer and integration of data. Front end module monitors margins and pricing as well as controls the quoting options. This module designed by Databuild produces professional sales tenders, contracts and specifications.

Front End module provided by Databuild is a sales oriented system which is suitable for project home builders. This module offers various options which include mini bills, recipes as well as specific individual items.