Databuild , a software company, designs various software solutions for building and construction industry. Databuild for windows software offered by Databuild provides information on quotations, bills of quantities, colour schedules, purchase orders, specifications and job estimates. This software provides this information just by clicking the mouse which enables customers to achieve accurate estimates and specifications. This software works on the basis of CAD which helps in calculating lengths and areas quickly. Graphical take off function of Databuild calculates quantities by referring to scanned images. Databuild is an effective and integrated system that enables to streamline business process.

Databuild for windows provided by Databuild is capable of customising, altering, categorising as well as updating prices entered by the customer. Various price listing features of this software include good storage capacity, 10 digits alphanumeric coding, easily accessible multi level search function and also flexible import facility which allow processing of items in multiple formats. This software also enables to build extensive price recipes for various chosen building materials. Databuild for windows designed by Databuild helps to connect different components of a particular job to a cost specific database. This software also enables the customer to create as well as print multiple purchase orders.