Dasco Lighting  offer a variety of post top outdoor light fittings, including The Ovoid, The Cone, a Sphere Cluster, and The Urano Black Top.      

These post top outdoor light fittings are particularly suitable for outdoor use in areas such as shopping malls, business parks, schools, and university campuses. They offer a stylish lighting solution for outdoor spaces that need to be illuminated to accommodate night-time pedestrians and ensure public safety.    

  • The Ovoid  post top outdoor light fitting  is a 150W light, with a choice of sizes: 604mm x 360mm or 460mm x 250mm.  
  • The Cone post top outdoor light fitting is a 125W light, with the dimensions: 570mm x  300mm.  
  • The Urano Black Top light fitting is available in an 80W model, with a 400mm diameter and a 125W model, with a 500mm diameter.