Dasco Lighting  offer a range of low voltage exterior flood lights. Among this range are two inground models and one wall mount flood light.  

Inground flood lights are specifically suitable for illuminating the outsides of buildings, architectural features, and natural or landscaping features. The first of the inground flood lights is the Exterior Inground Uplighter. It is a 20W unit with dimensions of LO95D x 80H. It has 12V and IP54.  

The second inground flood light in the range is the Exterior Inground Uplighter with grill. The grill adds strength and durability to the unit. This is suitable for areas where security is an issue. It has dimensions of 95D x 80H and it has 12V-20W IP54.  

Dasco Lighting’s range also includes one wall mount flood light, the Soptlight with Spike. It has dimensions of 95D x 80H and 12V-50W IP54.