Dasco Lighting's  Colonial Street Lights offer a real alternative to contemporary street lights. Designed in a period style, these items are available in four models, two with dished opal lens and two with bullet lens.  

Colonial Street Lights with dished opal lens come in two sizes: 

  • The CSL600 is 700mm H x 800mm W and has a wattage of 150W HPS. It is supplied complete with a 32mm diameter curved arm to suit a 76OD or 89OD lamp post and is available in a large range of colours. 
  • The CSL475 is a 600mm H x 650mm W street light, with a wattage of Of 80W MV.    
Colonial Street Lights with bullet lens are also available in two sizes:
  • The CSL600BL has a wattage of 100W MH and dimensions of 700mm H x 800mm W. 
  • The CSL475BL has a wattage of 70W HPS and dimensions of 600m H x 650mm W.