Ceiling rod suspended sphere light fittings are suitable for either flat or sloped ceiling canopies.  They are suspended from the ceiling canopy by an aluminium rod, 25mm in diameter.  

These ceiling rod suspended sphere light fittings are vented and are suitable for interior use. They are particularly suited to hallways and living areas and offer an understated, consistent light.  

Dasco’s rod suspended sphere light fittings can be fitted with GLS, PLC or HID lamps and are available in a range of models and wattages:

  • CM 250 - 40W
  • CM 300 - 60W
  • CM 350 - 70W
  • CM 400 - 80W
  • CM 450 - 100W
  • CM 500 - 150W
  • CM 550 - 250W
  • CM 700 - 250W  
Ceiling Rod Suspended Spheres are available from Dasco Lighting .