When it comes to opening up indoor spaces, there are many options available in motorised windows and doors.

Motorisation not only allows easy and quick operation, enhancing functionality but also adds sophistication to any project. The oversized motorised sashless can facilitate 6 metres in height and 6 metres in width.

​The large panels open easily with the addition of almost silent motors and can be stacked above or below the other panels.

Motorisation isn't just for vertical applications such as descending or guillotine windows. It is also highly recommended for oversized sliding and pivot doors.

Motorised pivot door

Whilst large panel doors can operate without motorisation, their sheer weight makes motorisation the best possible solution for ease of use on a day-to-day basis.

Need more inspiration?

Take a look at the Libart video below showcasing a motorised guillotine window, as well as its impressive retractable structures.

Creative Windows is a proud supplier of the Libart range. These systems could be used to great advantage in Australia with our love of seamless indoor outdoor living.

​Talk to our sales team to discuss the best option for your project.