Descending Windows

One of the most exciting advancements in motorised windows and doors would have to be the Descending Window.
Imagine having a wall of windows simply descend into the floor at the touch of a button! 

Point Piper NSW

​Our recent project at Point Piper NSW is a perfect example of how descending windows can open indoor - outdoor living spaces seamlessly. ​

This panel is 9 metres wide and over 3 metres high. The window opens up the living space when dropped into the floor and expands the panoramic view. The descending window is accompanied by slimline​ units throughout the rest of the building to increase the stunning view.

Unlimited Design

The Descending Window has unlimited possibilities and is not restricted to a single panel of glass. On the contrary - this product can be any amalgamation of doors or windows you choose. Hinged or Pivot doors, Awning or Sashless windows, you name it!

​In fact the Descending Window can even be curved!

The Vision

Architects and Designers often draw inspiration from the landscape, whether it be a rugged Australian coastline or majestic New Zealand ranges. 
We desire connection to the outdoors & our architecture reflects this. The Descending Window opens a world of opportunity for the astute designer.