Think modern architecture and you think glass — an age-old medium that, in the hands of experts like Creative Windows, can transform a space from average to awe-inspiring.

From sweeping curves to towering double-height glazed façades, Creative Windows gives architects the freedom to think outside the box when designing with glass. As one of New Zealand’s high-end window manufacturers, the specialist team at Creative Windows cater to projects that require one-off design and manufacturing — sourcing exclusive products from around the world, or designing in-house, to bring these ambitious concepts to life. And, with the capability to supply glazing to fit every window on a plan, architects are guaranteed a seamless aesthetic project-wide. 

“Often our clients will come to us with a ‘hero’ piece that only a bespoke manufacturer, like Creative Windows, can achieve — or they’ll be looking for both steel and aluminium systems for a single project. Many suppliers only offer a single product range, but with our ‘whole project capability’, we can design and manufacture aluminium, steel, and minimal frame solutions to create a cohesive look across the whole project,” says Creative Windows’ Billy-Jo Royle.

Designing bespoke solutions

“Every window and door at Creative Windows is custom made to the architect’s requirements,” Royle says. The design process begins with plans from an architect, designer, or builder, who then meet with the Creative Windows team to discuss the best way to bring the vision to life.

“The solutions are based on a range of factors including the ideal design approach, budget, desired aesthetics, and liveability. Once the contract is agreed upon, the production team takes over the project — liaising with the client every step of the way to ensure a smooth build and installation.”

From design and technical advice to drawings and product support, the Creative Windows team is hands-on throughout the entire project — which is crucial for architects working on buildings with glass features that may have never been attempted before. 

While their design capabilities allow them to create ambitious glazing in-house, Creative Windows are also proud to be the exclusive suppliers for exceptional international products the likes of Otiima Minimal Framing Systems and HIRT Descending Windows. 

“Otiima offers a huge range of options including the guillotine window, oversized, sliding, pivot, and curved minimal frame windows. This beautiful range has huge design capability, which is very exciting.

“We also recently completed a project using the HIRT Descending Window system that included a 3m-high, 9m-wide window that disappears into the floor at the touch of a button, opening the living space to an outdoor entertainment area,” Royle says.

No matter the material palette, Creative Windows can ensure a spectacular, cohesive finish. “We work predominantly with aluminium and steel, which is great from both a sustainability and design perspective. Plus, all our products are powder coated, which means we can offer our clients a large range of colours to choose from.” 

Crafting architectural marvels 

Creative Windows’ project portfolio is an impressive array of architectural marvels, showcasing the potential of glass as a medium for creative expression. From spectacular inner-city dwellings, to off-the-grid escapes, these homes all have one thing in common: incredible windows. 

Autonomous House, a cluster of angular pavilions, was designed to imitate existing boulders on the site and positioned to deflect strong winds while maximising northern exposure. The complex brief had very few square windows, which meant the Creative Windows team had to work closely with the architect, builder, and project manager to complete much of the site work, measuring and workshopping. With irregular shapes and windows that rise from the ground, folding over into skylights that expose the living areas to the sky, the home is a wonder of sunlight and bright, open space.

‘Project Phoenix’, home of the aforementioned descending window, saw the transformation of a 1950s modernist guest house into a contemporary family home. Exploiting and expanding on the spatial qualities of the existing house, the renovation included a new circulation system that could negotiate the 5.4m fall across the site and the building’s four levels. While new windows were added to much of the property, its crown jewel is, of course, the descending window installed in the double-height living area. Making the most of its luxurious northern outlook, the indoor living space connects with the outdoor entertainment area as the window descends into the floor, allowing for free flow to the courtyard and terrace below.

With a stunning view of the expansive white sands and shimmering ocean below, the off-the-grid home at Cape Liptrap captures every ounce of its rugged surroundings through sprawling walls of glass. Achieving a spectacular 360 degree perspective, the home features multiple sliding glass doors that open onto patio areas designated for outdoor entertainment and long days in the sun. 

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