Complemented by arches and rounded walls at every turn, the resurgence of curved windows as seen in these award-winning designs featuring Creative Windows’ innovative curved glass provide designers with more creativity.

Melbourne-based manufacturer Creative Windows works with architects to create custom-made aluminium and steel windows, doors, louvres and skylights.    

Architects pursuing organic shapes or seeking seamless views will find the resurgence of curved glass an excellent way to meet their desired outcomes. “We can now offer curved windows with sliding doors, pivot doors or awnings. We can even offer curved descending windows that completely disappear into the floor at the touch of a button,” says Billy-Jo Royle from Creative Windows.

“With advancements in technology, the possibilities of curved glass are now endless and now a desired feature for both specifiers and homeowners,” Royle adds.

Peninsula House, designed by Melbourne-based firm Wood Marsh – is a perfect example of what can be achieved when combining clever, thoughtful design with Creative Windows’ ability to bring the concepts to light. 

Architecturally, this house was designed to mirror the contours of its environment, inviting the landscape in via expansive glazed areas and includes a stunning fully glazed internal garden.

Central to its design is its usage of curved windows, from the glazed courtyard enveloping the interior garden with sumptuous curves to the exterior glazing reflecting the curves of the terrain.

Completed earlier this year, the Peninsula House project employs both aluminium and steel framed windows for different aesthetic purposes and won the 2023 Australian Glass and Window Association (AGWA) Victoria – ‘Best Residential Window and Glass project over $80K Award’.

The Black Rock House project by SAAJ Design and Brynor Constructions is a multi-award-winning design featuring Creative Windows’ innovative curved glass. Located in Victoria, Black Rock House sits on Beach Road, one of the highest topographical locations of Black Rock.

The site's orientation provides uninterrupted bay views, which are enhanced by floor-to-ceiling curved glass by Creative Windows.

The clients’ brief was for Black Rock House to feel like they were living on the water, looking out to the horizon from a ship’s deck.

The structural and interior design was to reflect the rolling landscape and fluidity of Black Rock Bay.

The design draws inspiration from a yacht’s shape, with the interior and exterior characterised by spherical shapes, including the large, curved windows.

The upper level housing the kitchen and the top deck provide the experience of being on a super yacht looking out to sea.

[With] 270-degree bay views, Black Rock House provides its owners and guests with a unique and theatrical maritime experience thanks to Creative Windows’ innovative solutions.

Adhering to the client’s request for a peaceful sleeping space, SAAJ Design strategically positioned the main bedroom suite at the rear of the property.

Furthermore, the bedroom suite design won the 2022 Trends International Design Award (TIDA) Australia – ‘Architect Suite of the Year Award’ for its unique open-plan design that retains a sense of privacy.

The bedroom’s curved walls and ceilings effortlessly draw you through the room and ensuite, while the variations in flooring materials and shapes create the distinction between the suite’s functional spaces.

The timber-lined curved sauna and shower provide the owners with bay views while providing privacy from the neighbouring properties.

From driving into the basement and ascending the lift to the main floor, to experiencing 270-degree bay views, Black Rock House provides its owners and guests with a unique and theatrical maritime experience thanks to Creative Windows’ innovative solutions.

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