Coramba Timbers  provide a comprehensive range of timber products. These timber products include architraves, skirting, timber bollards, custom woodturning, timber decking, door jambs, decorative slats, flooring, framing and furniture components. Coramba Timbers offer several other timber products such as timber finials, timber joinery, hardwood, mouldings, sleepers, paling fences, pickets, timber panelling, rough sawn hardwood, staircase components, tool handles, veranda posts, veranda brackets, weather boards, timber roundels and timber tomato stakes. These timber products can withstand diverse environmental conditions.

Coramba Timbers have handled numerous projects. Some of these projects include Australian National Parks, Coff’s Harbour, Court House, Freedom Furniture, K-Mart Australia, Target Australia, True Value, State Rail and Hogs Breath. Timber products from Coramba Timbers can be used for a diverse range of applications and available at cost effective rates. Coramba Timbers have also bagged several awards for their innovative timber products. Coramba Timbers have been accredited by organisations including Australian Holiday Coast Development Board, Timber and Building Materials Association and Mid North Coast Regional Development Board. Different varieties of quality timber products, from Coramba Timbers, have been manufactured in accordance to the industry standards.