Coramba Timbers  provide a distinctive range of timber products. Coramba Timbers have been supplying timber products for about 20 years. These timber products can be used for various applications. Coramba Timbers ensure to cater to the various timber requirements of customers. Coramba Timbers comprise of timber merchants, woodturners and wood machinists capable of processing different types of timber products.

Coramba Timbers consist of different types of timber processing machines. These timber processing machines are capable of handling small and complex timber processing tasks. Coramba Timbers consist of lathes having huge construction for processing the timber. These lathes can handle products with total length averaging to about eight metres and diameter of 400 millimetres. Various types of timber products processed by Coramba Timbers include tool handles, crutch handles, spindles and chair legs. Coramba Timbers house about 30 different species of timber.

Coramba Timbers comprise of experienced professionals having prior knowledge on different species of timber. These professionals provide all kind of assistance to customers on processing of timber products. Coramba Timbers hold about 20 years of experience of serving timber and construction industry.