Coramba Timbers  offer a diverse range of services including kiln drying services, woodturning services and machining services. These kiln drying, woodturning and machining services enable to manufacture different types of timber products. Kiln drying services incorporate drying of timber followed by timber stripping. These services can also be referred to as immunising of timber. Kiln drying services from Coramba Timbers have been specifically implemented for immunising the timber against Lyctus borer.

Woodturning services from Coramba Timbers comprise of processing different varieties of timber products. Comprehensive range of timber products, processed by Coramba Timbers, includes golf tees, telegraph poles, newel posts and balusters. These balusters have been designed for staircases. Coramba Timbers also produce several other hand and machines turned products with the help of woodturning services. Other products manufactured with the aid of woodturning services include custom wood turnings, bollards, turned poles, long hole borings, long veranda posts, staircase components, furniture components, trophies, bases and tool handles.

Machining services, from Coramba Timbers, include manufacture of timber products by using machines such as header moulders, multi head moulders, automatic routers, band saws, planers, picket profilers, end matchers, column lathes, mini lathes, spindle moulders and computer lathes.