The range of  Acrylic Coatings for concrete surfaces available from manufacturer of high performance concrete protection systems CONPELL , includes the following products: 

  • The Pen-Shield AC25 concrete dust proofers and sealers make concrete resistant to penetration from oils and other liquids. Ideal for external driveways, light industrial floors, warehousing and car parking areas, the Pen-Shield AC25 dust proofers and sealers feature excellent adhesion to cementitious based products.
  • The Pen Shield enhance siloxane/acrylic based penetrating sealers is ideal for use on concrete, concrete pavers, stone, fibrous board, concrete blocks, clay bricks and terracotta tiles. 
  • The Pen-Shield PR24, are high performance concrete dust proofers and sealers specifically formulated to provide added protection to concrete surfaces from petrol and oils. 
  • EnviroGrip is a roller applied, textured water based, hard wearing Acrylic surface, designed to provide a semi flexible and durable textured finish to concrete surfaces. EnviroGrip exibits excellent adhesion to cementitious based products and is available in a variety of colour options. The EnviroGrip Acrylic surfaces are ideal for exterior concrete finishes such and commercial and domestic landscaping areas, Patios, Entertaining areas, podium slabs, walkways, stairs or anywhere a durable textured non slip coating is required.