Dura Shield HS water based impregnating concrete sealants and surface hardeners, available from ConPell Pty Ltd, are suitable for surfaces where a durable, low maintenance floor is necessary. These concrete sealers are typically used for applications such as basement and multi-level car parking, warehouses, distribution centres, commercial driveways and manufacturing facilities. Dura Shield HS concrete sealers penetrate deep into the concrete surface to bond with the matrix of the concrete to harden. It then seals the surface making it water resistant. Once the installation is completed, the floor becomes a UV stable, hard wearing semi-gloss surface.

Key features and benefits of the Dura Shield HS concrete sealants include:

  • No VOC content “Green building” product
  • Simple application 
  • Low ongoing maintenance
  • More durable than acrylic and Chlorinated rubber coated surfaces
  • Easy to maintain