Epo Shield WB high performance, low VOC epoxy floor coatings are now available from ConPell .

Suitable for surfaces where a durable, low maintenance flooring system is required, Epo Shield is typically used in applications such as car parks, warehouse flooring, distribution centres, retail flooring and back of house flooring.

Once a floor is coated with Epo Shield WB, it becomes an extremely hard wearing semi- gloss surface that requires minimal on-going maintenance. Additionally, Epo Shield WB can be applied to achieve a R9 or R10 finish by adding CONPELL 400 slip additive.

Key features and benefits of Epo Shield WB epoxy floor coatings include:

  • Low VOC content “Green building” low VOC compliant
  • Cost effective concrete coating and sealer
  • Easy  and quick to apply
  • Available in clear or a variety of colours
  • More durable than acrylic or chlorinated rubber coated surfaces
  • Easy to clean and maintain