Precast insulated wall panels manufactured using THERMOMASS building insulation system are remarkably energy efficient and durable.

Buildings constructed with conventional insulation systems may suffer heat transfer, meaning that heating and air conditioning systems will need to work harder to maintain the temperature desired.

The THERMOMASS building insulation system, available from Composite Global Solutions , eliminates heat transfer, keeping the warm air in and the cold air out in the winter, and keeping the warm air out and the cool air in during summer months.

In THERMOMASS precast insulated wall panels the moisture is blocked because of the solid, air-free construction, and the insulated panels are mould and mildew resistant. Precast insulated panels offer numerous finishes for exterior and interior surfaces, and can be designed to allow the addition of other veneer finishes like brick, stone or tile. Precast insulated wall panels offer a safe, secure, and quiet environment that can withstand extreme weather conditions including high winds, earthquakes, hurricanes and fires.

Benefits of precast wall panels insulated with THERMOMASS building insulation system include:

  • Accelerated occupancy due to faster construction 
  • All-weather construction 
  • Column free perimeter resulting from load-bearing panels 
  • Excellent fire ratings achievable 
  • Future expansion is easy 
  • Highly energy efficient 
  • Low maintenance and durability inside and out 
  • Reduced labour required 
  • Retention of the long-term value of the building 
  • Security