When you are looking for a construction method that assures speed, quality and economy, you should consider modular precast concrete construction. Commonly applied in correctional facility projects in the US, modular precast construction is increasingly being used in Australia as builders recognise the benefits of speedy construction and minimal quality variance in helping them save money and improve their bottom line.

Modular precast concrete was used in conjunction with the Thermomass insulation system for the Ravenhall Prison – the first large scale Australian project to utilise this new construction technology. This unique method of offsite construction allows five sides of a concrete housing unit to be formed in a single mould, with just one pour. Once cured, the fully insulated units can then be completely fitted out before being transported to site, stacked using tracked gantry cranes, and locked in place. Once the units are connected to utilities, the building is ready for occupation.

The offsite construction method allows all other work to take place concurrently onsite, leading to rapid construction progress and speedy erection times. Since all modular units are created from a single mould, quality variance between units is reduced. Offsite construction minimises waste since construction materials can be accurately quantified for use. Additionally, offsite construction reduces the number of people onsite, causing less disruption to non-modular construction activities, which leads to time and cost savings for project stakeholders.

Even from an environmental perspective, modular precast construction is good for the project’s green credentials due to the significant reduction in waste generation. Given the focus on green building, this aspect will definitely be a positive factor for the project’s marketing.