Nearly 3000 square metres of Mammoth soffit panels were installed at the University of Wollongong’s new iAccelerate building. The huge quantity of panels used in the installation makes the building the largest education-based project for the Mammoth system.

Designed as a purpose-built space allowing for multiple working configurations while fostering an environment that helps facilitate growth for new businesses, the iAccelerate centre is based on the ethos of comfort, inspiration and adaptability.

Seeking an alternative to the initial proposal for a complex system of rigid foil faced insulation laminated with an acoustic tile, builders Project Coordination became aware of the benefits of Mammoth soffit panels, which combined thermal insulation and acoustic treatment in the same product. Instead of going through the hassle of developing a bespoke thermal-acoustic treatment, the builders decided to install Mammoth for its ability to satisfy both thermal insulation and acoustic treatment specifications within a single product.

With easy installation throughout the building, Mammoth panels also met the requirements for adaptability and comfort, creating an excellent thermal envelope and ideal acoustic environment conducive to both collaboration and innovation.

Mammoth soffit panels deliver multiple advantages including a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.85 and attainable R-values of 2.0 and greater, which make them adaptable to any soffit application where typical foil-based rigid insulation would be used; and significant cost savings compared to big name foil-faced rigid soffit panels on the Australian market, with assured benefits of an excellent thermal insulator and acoustic treatment at less than the price of a simple Section J compliant thermal insulation.

Mammoth soffit panels are available from Composite Global Solutions.