XPS-zero from Composite Global Solutions is a new high quality, rigid XPS insulation board recommended for both roof and on-ground slab applications. Delivering a high compressive strength and zero ODP with very short supply lead times, XPS-zero is a competitively-priced Australian-made polystyrene insulation product that also meets Green Star requirements.

The high compressive strength of XPS-zero makes the insulation board ideal for slab-on-ground applications such as insulating freezer floors. Facilities that have installed XPS-zero have recognised its benefits as a low-cost, Green Star accredited insulation solution, resulting in a dramatic uptake of the product for cool room applications in Victoria.

Being competitively priced, XPS-zero is the obvious choice for insulating built-up roofs, as Jadeco Waterproofing can attest to in their use of XPS-zero for the recent QT Melbourne project.

XPS-zero is the only Australian-made XPS insulation board on the market today, enabling the company to deliver the locally manufactured product to customers within extremely short lead times.