THERMOMASS building insulation system can be used to produce insulated wall panels by any precaster.  Updates to the BCA Section J will require an increase to R-Values for all new buildings and THERMOMASS building insulation system has it covered. THERMOMASS insulated wall panels are available from Composite Global Solutions .

THERMOMASS insulated panels are manufactured with an internal Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) foam insulating layer. Panel R-values vary depending on the thickness and width of the panel. For example; narrower panels will have lower R-values than wider panels. High-strength, fibre-composite connectors, or fasteners are non-corrosive and have extremely low thermal conductivity. These connect all three layers of the insulated wall, and the extruded insulation is sandwiched between the two concrete layers.

THERMOMASS insulated wall panels can be used anywhere conventional precast sandwich panels are used. Typical applications include food processing operations, cold storage facilities, maintenance depots, correctional facilities, offices, warehouses, schools and residential buildings.

THERMOMASS insulated wall panels have low thermal conductivity and they create a 100% composite sandwich panel that behaves structurally as if it were solid concrete while delivering much higher R-values than standard concrete wall panels. THERMOMASS wall panels can be used in non-load-bearing and load-bearing applications. In load-bearing applications, wall panels can support multi-story floor and roof loads, eliminating the need for perimeter columns and footings.

THERMOMASS Building Insulation System, when used in insulated wall panels, can help to reduce the cost of, and space consumed by, interior insulation and studding. As the insulated wall panels are load-bearing, they also remove the need for separate perimeter superstructure (e.g., columns and girders).

When placed horizontally in non-load-bearing applications, the insulated wall panels can be stacked on top of each other, between column girts, so that wall footings can be eliminated.

THERMOMASS insulation panels are quick to install and can reduce or eliminate the need for temporary security enclosures. The insulating panels also help reduce construction time and associated general conditions costs, and accelerate occupancy due to the project being completed in a timely manner.

Additionally, the thermal mass effect can improve “performance R-value”, and enable reductions in costs associated with installation and operation of other heating and cooling systems while enabling you to meet the requirements of BCA Section J. The thermal mass effect can significantly reduce heating costs in the winter months and cooling costs during the long hot summer months.