THERMOMASS insulated precast concrete sandwich wall panels from Composite Global Solutions are an ideal concrete panel insulation solution for environmentally conscious architects, designers and engineers.

Precast concrete sandwich wall panels insulated with THERMOMASS concrete insulation can be used on every type of building.

These concrete sandwich wall panels can be easily designed to handle both the structural requirements for strength and safety, as well as the aesthetic and sound attenuation qualities the owner desires.

Speed of construction, durability of finished structure, and energy-efficiency are all benefits of a building that utilises the insulated concrete sandwich wall panel system.

A typical THERMOMASS insulated concrete wall panel consists of two wythes (layers) of reinforced concrete, sandwiched around high R-value THERMOMASS extruded polystyrene insulating foam. The two wythes of the interior and exterior concrete layers are held together with patented fibre composite connectors. The composite THERMOMASS insulated sandwich wall section has an extremely high R-value.

THERMOMASS insulated precast concrete sandwich wall panels can be produced with smooth surfaces on both sides or simply painted or stained on the exterior surface to achieve the desired colour or textured surface. The exterior surface can be manufactured in a wide variety of brick, stone, wood or other formed and patterned appearances.

Interior surfaces of the concrete sandwich wall panels are class 1 in appearance, and any window and door openings are cast into the walls at the manufacturing plant as part of the fabrication process. Services are also cast directly in the panels in the specified locations.

THERMOMASS insulated precast concrete sandwich wall panels are one of the most versatile and sustainable building materials available for today's environmentally conscious construction industry.