Composite Global Solutions , established in Australia in1980, specialises in high quality energy efficient insulation products for the building industry. Composite Global Solutions, earlier known as Composite Systems, is a distributor of Thermomass building insulation systems to Australia and the Middle East. Currently, Composite Global Solutions has an office in Dubai and also has plans to open branches throughout China.

The Thermomass building insulation system is a highly energy efficient, pre-engineered and insulated concrete wall system which is developed, manufactured and distributed by Composite Technologies Corporation. Thermomass is installed in building panels worldwide for refrigerated storage buildings for foods, dry storage warehouses and retail centers.

The main components used in Thermomass systems are polystyrene insulation and fibre composite connectors. Extruded insulation will be sandwiched between the concrete layers and the three layers will be held together with the connectors on a 400 mm grid.

Fibre composite connectors are made from resilient composite matrix and have remarkable strength and durability. These are non corrosive and have low thermal conductivity. They are strong and can carry up to 1100 kg of concrete.

Styrofoam brand insulation is made from polystyrene resin and creates a closed cell component which does not contain gaps or voids. This rigid board insulation resists weathering and water penetration and water vapor transmission.