Centaman Entrance Control installed a RotoGate in a UTS Union shop located on the University of Technology campus in Sydney to prevent retail shrinkage.

A not-for-profit organisation involved in the provision of essential community services and facilities to members, UTS Union operates five shops across the campuses of UTS. A particular entrance in one of the shops was not within the cashier’s visibility and was seen as a potential weak spot since people could exit the shop without being monitored.

Centaman installed a RotoGate to allow people to enter the shop through this entrance while preventing egress. An inbuilt auto sensor in the RotoGate senses when people approach the entrance, and the gate automatically swings open to allow them inside. The RotoGate was provided with clear signage to show which way it should be used. A PE beam sensor was also installed to trigger an audible warning when anyone entered or exited from this area.

UTS Union Retail Manager Paul Brien said they were impressed with Centaman’s professionalism from quick responses to their queries to supplying the solution in quick time to fit in with their tight schedule. The RotoGate has perfectly matched all their requirements and Centaman’s service has provided excellent value for money.