The AIS approved CPD (Continual Professional Development) seminar offered by Centaman Entrance Control aims to educate architects and facility managers about entrance control products and how they can be configured to meet DDA requirements as well as blend in with building design.

CPD (Continual Professional Development) courses are designed to offer impartial advice to the specifiers market with their course content carefully assessed by AIS to ensure impartiality.

Titled ‘Entrance Control: Balancing the DDA, Security and Aesthetics’, the CPD course covers the wide range of available entrance control products and their unique advantages, the levels of customisation available for these choices, and options that ensure one can have both aesthetics and security in the same product.

Michael Bystram, General Manager for Centaman Entrance Control elaborates that it’s important for architects to design in security to a building during the early stages of the project. However, to successfully do so, the architect needs to understand the options available as well as their unique benefits.

Additionally, this CPD course introduces the architect to the choices available in entrance control and how they can be made less intrusive to the overall design of the premises.