Entrance security specialist Centaman Entrance Control has launched the latest versions of two of their popular speedgates featuring a slimmer and more stylish look.

The two bestsellers, EasyGate SR and SG models have been reimagined with smaller pedestals that are 125mm wide and either 1,320mm or 1,000mm long, depending on customer preferences.

Centaman Entrance Control general manager Michael Bystram explained that the innovation aimed to give leisure centres and corporate offices an attractive entrance control solution that was unobtrusive and able to fit in even the smallest of spaces.

Larger entrance control gates mostly only allow for one entry and exit lane to be installed in some areas, leading to wait-times during busy periods. The upgraded models allow for two lanes, increasing efficiency.

Bystram added, “These are among the slimmest and sleekest speedgates available in Australia and New Zealand. They are some of our bestselling gates and are ideal for leisure centre operators and corporate customers that want effective security that isn’t intimidating.”

Key features of the EasyGate SG and SR entrance control speedgates include 835mm high strengthened-glass barriers that swing open when a valid access card is used; round-edged pedestals in the SG model and square-edged pedestals in the SR model; and configurable with wider lane widths to allow for wheelchair access, ensuring compliance with Australia’s Disability Discrimination Act 1992.