In Hong Kong, Cementaid’s Caltite concrete treatment was specified and used for the Shark Aquarium at Ocean Park, on the southern coast of Hong Kong Island.

Aquaria constructed earlier at the Park had problems with chloride-induced corrosion. Animal health risks caused by leachate from damaged, corroded concrete, as well as stress on animals from maintenance disruption were concerns.

The Caltite concrete Shark Aquarium was constructed in 1992. The Aquarium is a large, deep structure, with several species of sharks. Membrane-free Caltite concrete simplified the process of ensuring a watertight seal around anchors for the transparent sub-sea tunnel. Since completion and hand-over, the structure has remained leak-free, maintenance-free and corrosion-free.

Environmentally safe and certified suitable for potable water storage, there has been no reported case of illness or disease with any of the sharks in the aquarium over its more than 12 years of operation.