Cementaid Australia Group  is one of the developers of advanced admixtures and surface treatments with reference to concrete. The simple to use technical product of the Cementaid Australia Group enables concrete designers as well as users to maximize the durability, performance and profitability in terms of structure that provides concrete enhanced properties and abilities.

The products offered by Cementaid Australia Group are resistant to corrosion-proofing, salts or acids, integral waterproofing and extremely resistant to staining or weathering, abrasion or impact, dusting, or any one of the dozen properties where higher performance qualities are desired. The enhanced concretes of Cementaid Australia Group delivers better performing, built faster and requiring little or no maintenance, more durable structures, at optimally low cost.

Cementaid Australia Group offers waterproofing and admixtures, floor surface treatments, wall surfacing treatments and so on. The concrete waterproofing and corrosion proofing from Cementaid Australia Group includes Evefrdure Caltite and 3CC. The concrete waterproofing and corrosion proofing of Cementaid Australia Group encompasses ingredients that are hydrophobic and pore blocking with non-absorptive impermeable structural concrete.

The admixture variety offered by Cementaid Australia Group consists of products such as Aquapel, Rapidard, Superplastet SR and Superplastet F. Aquapel product acts as a damp resistance. Superplastet SR works as a highly effective superplaticiers as well as high range water reducer in order to fresh and harden properties of concrete.