Cementaid Australia Group  is involved in developing surface treatment as well as admixtures in terms of concrete ever since 1954. Cementaid Australia Group offers wall surface treatments, floor surface treatments, waterproofing and admixtures, form oil, curing and bonding agents to customers located in Australia. The products offered by Cementaid Australia Group allow concrete designers as well as customers to maximise the performance, profitability and durability of their structures.

The range of products provided by Cementaid Australia Group has resistance to salts or acids, staining or weathering, extreme resistance to abrasion or impact, integral waterproofing and corrosion-proofing, dusting, or any one of a dozen properties where higher performance qualities are desired. The admixture variety from Cementaid Australia Group comprises of Aquapel, Rapidard, Superplastet F, Superplastet SR. The form of oil, curing and bonding agents offered by Cementaid Australia Group includes variety such as Calform NX, Calstrip, Calform Cream, Calcure CR, Calcure B, Calcure C30, Calcure D, Weldcrete, Calbond.