Project Seabird is and Indian Navy project using its base at Karwar (Karnataka). It covers more than 8000 acres of land along the western coast, and entails creation of operational base facilities to handle a large number of warships and aircraft, along with a dockyard for repair, refit and modernization of ships and submarines.

To ensure maintenance-free design-life durability of the pre-cast and in-situ marine concrete, all sections below RL +3.5m were specified to include Cementaid ’s Everdure Caltite hydrophobic pore-blocking ingredient (HPI) in the concrete mix. This includes pile caps, shiplift beams, edge beams, support beams for the shiplift control building, light tower foundations, sewage/oily bilge intermediate storage tanks, a trade waste collection pit, 20 m of service duct to each of the dry berths and washdown berths, 20 m of service duct east of eastern limit of pier no. 1 and pipe outfalls

Rules were set for concrete production and quality control within an effective quality plan and work guideline. Fully equipped laboratory facilities were installed to monitor and confirm compliance of concrete with key performance requirements, including strength, water absorption and linear shrinkage.

In early 2003, construction of Phase 1B of the project commenced, casting a total nearing some 13,000 cubic metres of Caltite concrete between December 2003 and December 2004.