Many of Hong Kong’s fire and ambulance depots include large concrete yard areas to facilitate fire and emergency training as well as drilling exercises. Under Hong Kong’s bright sunshine, the light grey surface of the large concrete expanses produced a strong glare. The decision was taken to reduce the glare by colouring the drill yard areas with a hard-wearing sealer with minimal long-term maintenance costs.

Cementaid ’s Colour Rokite was chosen. It can be easily re-applied over heavy wear areas with minimal surface preparation or downtime. The blended resin sealer penetrates concrete 3 mm to 4 mm and leaves a tough, hard-wearing surface film. Sealed surfaces are dustproof, stain resistant and easy to maintain.

After eight years service under continuous traffic at the Fan Ling depot the original Rokite impregnation continued to perform its function but the surface colour was showing wear and in need of touching-up to restore its appearance. The re-application works were simple, easy and fast. The yard areas were machine-scrubbed with water and mild detergent and allowed to dry, followed by two freshly rolled coats of green Rokite. To avoid downtime the drill yard areas were re-applied in two sections.

Clear or coloured, the freshly applied Rokite cures quickly, accepting light foot traffic after 24 hours and vehicular traffic after 48 to 72 hours.