The Bullock Model 5650 Drop lock type Fire Dampers from Bullock MFG feature light weight construction and excellent closing ability.

These fire dampers comply with AS1682.1-1990 and AS1668.1-1998 and are tested and certified for a four hour rating in a masonry wall or concrete slab. They also have a two hour rating in a steel stud plasterboard partition and a 3x16mm plasterboard partition.

Features of 5650 Drop lock type Fire Dampers:

  • Light weight construction without welding ensures the integrity of the damper's galvanized coating.
  • Double action 301 stainless steel spring with blade dimples provide positive low-leakage shut off.
  • Side blade closure dampers available for specific building applications
  • Recessed angle design permits a raw edge easy duct attachment, with breakaway characteristics
  • Optional TDF/TDC flanges can be supplied to match 25mm or 35mm ductwork.