Access Panels from Bullock MFG are used in the air conditioning industry. They represent an easy re-sealable way of gaining access to rigid air conditioning ducts and conditioner housings for maintenance and cleaning.

These access panels provide access in compliance with building code standards.
Access is granted to fire dampers, smoke and volume dampers, variable air volume units (VAV), duct heater coils and filters, and so forth.

These access panels are simple to operate. The user only needs to turn the galvanised steel sash cams provided on the panel to unlock and then remove from its frame.

Their frames and panel are made from press formed galvanised steel, while the seal is heat welded PVC compression gasket formed to ensure an airtight seal.

The access panels also feature two or four galvanised steel sash fasteners. They combine a specially designed hook and cam system to give an airtight seal between the panel and the frame.

Thermal and acoustic 25mm fibreglass insulation is sealed air tight within the sandwich panel via the PVC seal.