Insulated access doors from Bullock MFG are designed specifically for HVAC plant room conditioner housings.

These plants have routine maintenance requirements for things like fire concerns, volume, non-return, motorised smoke/fire dampers, conditioner coils and filters, actuators or pumps.

These access doors are available in five sizes. They provide plenty of open area access for personal or maintenance related equipment.

Product Specs for access doors:

  • Door - Two piece 1.2mm zinc anneal sheet, press formed and welded to make airtight.
  • Frame - One piece 2.5mm galvanised steel angle section, with continuously welded corners for strength.
  • Door Seal - 1 piece heat welded extruded PVC compression gasket mechanically fixed within the door panel.
  • Insulation – 25 mm fibreglass insulation is seated within the door cavity to prevent cold bridging.
  • Handles - Die cast zinc un-plated or chrome plated.
  • Hinges - Chrome plated brass, die and press formed complete with nylon over stainless steel bushing to prevent seizing.