BruKon Products Australia is the founder of the patented BruKon “Paint Brush Cleaning & Storage System”. BruKon Brush Containers  offers products produced from recyclable PVC, which undergo blow moulding and injection moulding processes. BruKon Products Australia believes it has the only connectable containers produced through the blow moulding process. 

Blow moulding process

  • This method of production allows for large quantity production here in Australia
  • Such containers that connect to each other would normally require an injection moulded manufacturing process in which the tooling aspect would be highly priced and problematic with moving parts slowing down production rates etc
  • BruKon brush containers are produced from recyclable PVC and is the ideal of its kind
  • PVC is highly sought after in production because it is a low petroleum base material
  • BruKon’s Paint Brush Cleaning & Storage Systems have proven to last the test of time because of these materials used in production

Injection moulding

  • The black Lid and CollarWashers produced in Australia for the BruKon Paint Brush Cleaning & Storage System are elastomeric in nature. A special formulated synthetic rubber that is pervious to the harsh effects of mineral turpentine

Protecting our environment

  • The use of the BruKon Paint Brush Cleaning & Storage System reduces the massive litres of harmful toxic waste returned back into our environment when volumes of mineral turpentine and the like is used for cleaning millions of paint brushes
  • Brukon Brush Containers’ product needs only 1 cup of turpentine, spirits or water to service and keep your paint brush ready with continued use. Effectively reduces harmful emissions with less evaporation, less mineral turps etc. must make this product an ideal participant in the global plight for world preservation and for this type of environment protection
  • Used correctly the BruKon Paint Brush Cleaning & Storage System allows for the recycling of mineral turpentine
  • Your paint brush is clean and left in a stationary position over a short period of time using this system the paint sediment attaches to the base of the container allowing the recycling and re-use of mineral turpentine.