The hardware and painting industry has changed in so many ways over the years and Brukon Brush Containers has announced its recent developments.

Brukon Brush Containers  is going to commence production for the BruKon brush containers and Collarwashers soon.

A video is available to view on the Brukon site. It shows how simple it can be to clean up, store and take care of paintbrushes for ready use any time they are needed. The product also effectively reduces harmful waist with using only one cup of fluid to clean up.

As well as these trade and D.I.Y. advantages for using the brush cleaning system Brukon Brush Containers is introducing the Drip Guard Collarwashers as an additional product that can be sold separately.

Cleverly designed as an inexpensive simple way of keeping the home painters brush handle clean.

Brukon Brush Containers offers these innovative products. The affiliated companies will accept the brush cleaning technology, its ease and application as well as appreciating the product as a vehicle for the reduction of harmful waist.

The brush cleaning technology will filter into the industry through a customer benefit, the brush manufacturer; home decorating store or affiliated companies can offer it as a package.

The benefits are geared toward those having most to gain from market saturation.