Brukon Brush Containers  offers BruKon 6- Pack paint brush cleaning and storage system.

As well as trade and D.I.Y. advantages for using the brush cleaning system Brukon Brush Containers has introduced the Drip Guard CollarWashers as an additional product sold separately.

Cleverly designed; this inexpensive simple way of keeping the home painters brush handles clean in use is readily embraced as a simple method that works.

  • Not only environmentally safe
  • The Brukon paint brush cleaning and storage system
  • Eliminates the messy clean up of your paint brushes
  • 1-cup of turps, spirits or water is all you need
  • Keeps them off bristles and out of the paint sludge
  • Saves you time and dollars too
  • Less dangerous fumes, minimises harmful waste

The BruKon 6-Pack is designed and made in Australia by a tradesman and since this product was invented well over 56,000 individual brush containers have been sold. The BruKon brush cleaning and storage system is eagerly accepted by Tradespeople and D.I.Y alike. It is a true recycling system for paint brushes.